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Personalized College planning

One-On-One professional counseling 

Youth leadership development

Award-winning Global Philanthropy Leadership Programs

Academic support

Online Resources

 G5-12 Preview Class preparation

one-on-one tutoring

community start-ups

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Personalized colleege planning 

  • Guidance on Planning and Comparing Extracurricular Activities

  • Strategies and Guidance for Applications to College and Universities

  • Assessments of Aptitude/Interests and Career Planning 

  • 1-on-1 consultations with experiences counselors just for you​


  • 学生性向测试、以及职业生涯规划

  • 专业升学顾问与学生进行一对一咨询

  • 初中、高中课外活动规划指导与优劣势分析

  • 大学申请论文指导

  • 大学申请各项作业指导

  • 大学录取面试指导


Every application has its own UNIQUE story, let us help tell yours. 

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Youth leadership development

  • Peer-to-Peer Microfinance Rural Poverty Alleviation Program

  • Sustainable Environmental Engineering Project

  • Rural Ningxia Public Health Initiative 

  • Nepal Orphanage Improvement Project 

  • Digital Gaming, Art and Design Camp

  • Science & Technology Innovation Program


  • 设计并指导学生社团活动,以增加美国私立高中及大学申请竞争力

  • 开发学生学术兴趣,提供多元化的赴美夏令营

  • 学术与文化桥梁项目,实现美国高中生与中国高中生紧密协作于“可持续性生态环境调研项目”以及“国际火箭模型设计竞赛”等项目。


Carolyn, Princeton

Thanks to Bridge for seeing my potential and maximizing my opportunities. This process has really proven to me that hard work pays off! 

Ryan, Dartmouth

Know your plan, stick to your plan, work hard towards that passion and surround yourself with a strong support system.

Steven, UC Berkeley

Before coming to Bridge, I believed my dream school was only a dream. Four years later, I will be starting UC Berkeley Fall 2018. 

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Academic Support

Online Resources

  • Unique intelligent-learning system: The application of computer memory systems designed to strengthen human cognition, practice strategically, and improve learning efficiency.

  • Convenient and efficient learning: building stronger foundation in English Vocabulary



  • 庞大的词汇资源库,包含3-12年级词汇、SAT I, SAT II, AP课程等必备词汇,共22000余字,并包括文法、阅读、写作等练习及模拟考试

  • 智能学习引擎,以电脑记忆系统,强化人脑记忆系统缺失,反复测验,提高学习效率

Academic Prep Classes

  • SAT I - SAT II and AP courses in various subjects

  • English classes in speaking, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and TOEFL

  • Boot Camp: Reading / Writing / Grammar / Vocabulary / SAT​

  • 1 on 1 and/or group tutoring in all grades and subjects 


课程 & 一对一家教

  • SAT精英班、进阶班、基础班

  • 英文阅读、写作、文法班

  • 初中、高中物理、化学、生物、数学等各科课程、各科AP课程

  • 针对美国大学升学的夏季密集提分班

  • 各年级、各科目一对一家教​


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